Where do I even start…….

Aisle & Style was always my dream and it’s now my all encompassing passion. From very early on I knew that I had to pursue a career where I was working with people, real people who I could help to enjoy their time out in some way. I remember being 16 and I loved the buzz I got from the satisfied customers at the al a carte restaurant I was working at at the time. There was something so precious about giving people an experience where they walked away smiling, that really stuck with me.

And so Aisle & Style was born from my ambition to create an all-inclusive planning and design consultancy that provides a collection of luxury services encompassing the most exciting and momentous events.

Being such a big part of my life, I take a hands-on approach to my business and my clients. I have a personal and attentive approach and an ability to listen to people and understand what they want. With a natural creative flair and what I see as a gift, for transforming the smallest details into invaluable assets means I am so proud that each and every event I work on is flawlessly executed and delivered with imagination and style.

People tell me I have a rather infectious energy and friendly and approachable nature which puts people at ease from day one. I also (somehow) have a calm and in-control style so as a client you are indulged with a feeling of confidence and comfort through every step of your planning journey.

‘One of my most gratifying moments is seeing a client at ease during the run up to and on the event itself because they trust me to have every last detail under control.’

I often wonder where my super organised persona comes from, as well as the ability to calmly and effectively managing a crisis. But when I really think about it I truly believe they have been cultivated over years of managing high exposure projects in the corporate world. Not quite so much fun as working in the bridal industry but I’m never the less thankful for the skills that has imparted on me.

On a more personal side, I have a large family and because I’m rather addicted to my work I do really appreciates how valuable down time can be. So when I do manage to take a break you will find me spending my time with friends and family, enjoying one of my favourite holiday destinations (I’ve been to Thailand 5 times), indulging in a spa treatment, or popping off for a spot of retail therapy. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of pampering and shopping to reinvigorate themselves?

Alana Curzon

Alana Curzon

Creative Director