So hi there…… I’m Alana, the Founder and Director of Aisle & Style. I thought for my first blog post I’d reach out and share a little bit of my story about how I came to set up Aisle & Style.

Those that know me know I’m an over-thinker, a huge perfectionist and my family is incredibly important to me. I’m a tidy freak, I love reading, and I love learning, and have a weakness for chocolate. I love to fill my house with flowers and I’ve promised myself that I’m going to spend one Christmas in a log cabin somewhere remote. Here I’ll be surrounded by friends, family, good wine, cheese, snow and chocolate (of course) – all of my favourite things.

Where it All Started

My passion for events started when I was 16 and working at a restaurant and outside catering company which was situated in the middle of a nature reserve. It’s such a beautiful place to eat, drink and relax and was perfectly placed for hosting all different types of parties, weddings and events. During one summer we held a week long sporting event there with over 5,000 people in attendance. Whilst I already knew I wanted to work in hospitality it’s this that really cemented the desire to work in weddings and events.

As with a lot of cases of people with a dream, it didn’t happen straight away. I moved to London and got a job in HR and Marketing and quickly progressed my career. The next thing I know its 15 years later, I’m 31 and running a team of Project Managers. If I didn’t follow my dream soon then I knew I never would!

Aisle & Style Was Born

I’m quite an all or nothing girl. A couple of years ago I bought my first house (I took the plunge and moved a little outside of my London haven). I got married to the guy that I used to work with who I refused to date for months because I didn’t think he was my type then left my job with the dream of starting my own business. And so after months of hard work Aisle & Style was born on 12th September 2016.

I spent the latter part of 2016 developing my brand and building my network of suppliers. Over the last 12 months I’ve worked with some amazing people turning my business vision into a fabulous brand. I’m slowly mastering the art of social media and have been building up my online presence, showcasing my style, and creating an identity. After a lot of hard work my website is now live and I’m thrilled to have recently been featured in a four page article in Wedding Ideas Magazine.

Taking Risks

As with many perfectionists, there is a huge part of me that is naturally scared of failing. Rather than let this worry me I use this energy to push myself hard. My mantra is ‘Dare to Dream’ and one of my favourite quotes is ‘Take a chance because you will never know how absolutely amazing something can turn out to be’. These both inspire me to keep believing in myself and to keep growing.

So here I am running Aisle & Style, a planning and design consultancy, offering a luxury planning experience that delivers creative and distinctive weddings and events. Like many new business owners I’m learning so much, spending more money than I originally anticipated and I’m always left pondering which of my long list of business goals to tackle next. Each and every challenge I face pushes me even further to wanting to achieve the best and every day I’m grateful for everything I’ve achieved so far. I’m so excited to see what the future holds and especially excited to be sharing it with you along the way.

Alana xx