Following on from last week’s post on this week’s wedding planning A to Z I’m excited to be sharing with you some useful tips on some important wedding tasks – table plans, flowers and gift list! You are also probably hard at work with your planning so don’t forget to take some time out to recharge your batteries before the big day. On that note lets make a start……

E – ESCAPE – Are you guilty of spending every waking minute thinking, talking and pinning all things wedding? It’s so easy to get carried away and forget to enjoy your engagement time, so make sure you put aside some time to properly switch off and escape from the social media frenzy. Especially as you get closer to your big day.

Book in a spa day with your besties or lunch with your man and allow yourself the time to enjoy anything unrelated to weddings. Or if you are panicking that you have too much to do and not enough time then think about hiring the help of a planner to bring all of the last minute details together. Wedding planners are happy to pick up at any point during the planning stages so don’t think that just because you have completed most of the work that you wont be able to hand off those final time consuming admin tasks!

Whether you decide to DIY or hire some help I can guarantee you will appreciate those moments of escapism, and when you get back to the wedding planning you will be much more focused and ready to smash through those final items on your to do list!

F – FLOWERS – Have you chosen your wedding flowers yet? And are you wondering whether you are the only one that doesn’t know the difference between a Hydrangea or Peony? You are definitely not alone!

With thousands of different flowers to choose from and a budget to think about it can be difficult to know where start. Flowers aren’t cheap and if you want them to be incorporated into your day then you must budget a reasonable amount for them. Trying to do it on the cheap isn’t going to give you the effect you are looking to achieve and you will only be left disappointed.

So get yourself a good florist who can help guide you through the most suitable blooms to suit your style. And when you are thinking about maximising your budget remember to pick ceremony flowers that you can reuse at your reception. That’s a win win right!?

G – GIFT LISTS – Every couple I’ve met always asks about their gift list and the most common question is whether it is acceptable to ask for contributions towards your honeymoon?

There is no right or wrong answer to this but what I can say is that it’s becoming more and more popular – and why not I say.

You could set up an account with a travel agent for travel vouchers. And a great way of showing your guests your appreciation of their contribution is to send them a personalised thank you card referencing a specific activity you did on your honeymoon. That way you don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking for cash and your guests still feel like they have bought you a wedding gift.

H – HEAD TABLE – Are you in the midst of creating your table plans and you can’t work out who to have on your head table?

When I was planning my own wedding I went round in circles endlessly moving around little bits of sticky coloured paper because I couldn’t decide who I wanted sitting where, and I didn’t want to offend anyone by my choice of head table guest.

But let me let you into a little secret……your nearest and dearest really aren’t offended when it comes to who you choose to sit with. If you are like me and want to sit with your friends then do it. Or perhaps you like the idea of it just being the two of you on a sweetheart table….. Go with whatever you and your other half want.

The moral of the story……. When your guests have a drink in their hand, a plate of food in front of them and are enjoying your special day with you, they really don’t give a La De Dar who’s siting where.

In next weeks blog I’m going to be talking about your wedding invitations, your shoes and there will be lots of talk about your wedding songs – look out for the next post or join the A&S community here to get first hand notice when it’s published!

Alana xx


Images by:

Shell de Mar