Dancing and shoes are two of the things I’m taking about in this week’s wedding A to Z – which coincidentally are two of my favourite things. Having said that I’m yet to find a girl that doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes and a dance. But when it comes to your wedding day you need to ensure you have thought both these things through. Especially when you are combining the two!

First off lets take a look at invitations……..

I – INVITATIONS – Invitations are one of the smaller details that make up your big day but that doesn’t mean they don’t need plenty of thought and planning. They are the equivalent of a movie trailer giving your guests a sneak peak into the style and theme of what you are spending so much of your valuable time creating.

Ideally you should start looking for your wedding stationary at least six or seven months before to give you enough time to find your perfect design and make your order. However if you are wanting to design your own invites then you will need to start your search even earlier.

Aim to be getting your final order in at least four months before the wedding but if you miss your deadline try asking your printer to send you the envelopes on ahead, so you can make a start on the time consuming task of addressing them.

J – JIMMY CHOOS – Choosing your wedding shoes is like buying new underwear. It’s barely on show but you always feel a million times more confident when you are wearing something a little sassy.

But you wouldn’t buy a bra that pinches and rubs in all the wrong places – no matter how pretty it looked. And when you are on your feet for 12 hours+ there’s even more reason to make sure your killer heels do not kill your big day.

Whether you’re a Jimmy Choos girl or a high street fashionista be sure not to leave your purchase to the last minute. Give yourself enough time to bed them in around the house. And if they are still rubbing a little try using a roll on deodorant on the problem areas. But probably most importantly, make sure you have a back up pair on hand for when your feet need a rest. I promise you will thank yourself that you did!

K – KIND WORDS  – Have you got your speeches prepared yet? You’ve probably got a long list of people you want to thank and in between dodging any inappropriate best man stories and tearful moments of sentiment, you’ve finally been able to show your gratitude to everyone that has helped with your big day.

Or have you……..

When you have had time to come back down to earth after what was probably one of the best days of your life, and you’ve finally managed to get a decent nights sleep without dreaming of pantone colours and hanging lanterns, you still have your guest thank you cards to prepare. But equally as important is that long list of suppliers you must thank.

These are the people that have helped bring your day to life and the best thank you you can give them is a public review and a personal note to all the staff that helped out. Use social media to show your gratitude or even better, ask them if they have a preferred method of feedback. Often suppliers don’t like to ask for this so if you offer this to them they will be more than appreciative of the recognition.

L – LAST DANCE – I bet that you’ve spent hours choosing that perfect song for your #firstdance. Ensuring you are ready for that moment when you get to swoon with your new hubby with all eyes on you.

But have you spent anytime considering your last song!? My guess would be no. Often overlooked, the last song in my opinion is equally as important as your first as it’s the last memory of your special day.

Ok so you might be a little merry but as a bride myself I can tell you that I have the absolute best memories of me and my husbands last song. We chose ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train and we, along with the last ones standing, spent our final 4 minutes and 20 seconds of our magical day singing at the top of our voices. We were totally relaxed, having the best time with our friends & family, and now every time we hear this song we can’t help but reminisce. In fact this song has become the most memorable of our whole day!

So top tip from me is to chose a last song that’s a little bit upbeat and dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening and you are guaranteed to go out with a bang.

Thanks so much for reading – I hope you enjoyed it.

More from me next week when I’ll be covering off make up, name changes, outdoor weddings and choosing your colour scheme!

Alana xx