I’m really excited to be talking this week about some exciting wedding topics. This post covers the letters M – P so lets start by talking about make-up…….

M – MAKE UP – You’ve got this image in your head of looking and feeling a million dollars on your wedding day. You’ve got the beautiful gown, the flowers, the stunning (but comfortable) shoes and you know just how you want your hair. But the final piece in the princess puzzle is your makeup. But makeup is something so personal and even though you know what works for you, choosing how you are going to achieve your desired look is not an easy decision.

A good make-up artist will already have a variety of the best products and you will get and opportunity to see what you like during your trial. Just please don’t be afraid to be honest if you aren’t completely happy with how it turns out – that is exactly what a trial is for and make-up artists are expecting your guidance and feedback!

If however you choose to do your own make-up then make sure to invest in some good fixing spray – we’d recommend @urbandecaycosmetics ‘All Nighter Fixing Spray’ to keep you look in place right into the early hours! Also prepare a little bag of essentials as ask your wedding planner (or nominated on day organiser) to put this on your dining seat before the wedding breakfast. That way you will always have to hand some lippy and powder to keep you looking glam throughout the day.

N – NAME CHANGE – You’ve had the most incredible wedding and you’ve finally made it to your honeymoon and can start to reclaim some of your fun time back. No more wedding planning and no more wedmin taking over your life. But then you realise you have to make a start on changing your name. Arghh, when does it all end. If only it was as easy (and official) as changing your name on Facebook!

There are the obvious things you need to change like your bank, passport and driving license (I’m still way too far behind on changing my licence – oops), but when you start to jot it all down the list is endless. To get the ball rolling start by ordering additional copies of your marriage certificate as certain organisations require the original to be sent to them in order to process the change. Focus on updating any photo ID first and then move onto your financials and utilities. The main aim is to not put too much pressure on yourself. Breaking you back to change your name on things like store cards and subscriptions really isn’t worth it. So after months of wedding planning just do the necessary and allow yourself some time to chill out. You deserve a break!

O – OUTDOOR WEDDING – A lot of couples who are tempted with an outdoor wedding are usually put off by the prospect of rain – and it’s understandable with the uncertainties of the great British weather. But why should you forgo your dream day just because its ‘one less thing to worry about’!? If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding then here are my quick fire tips to follow:

1) CONSIDER A DESTINATION WEDDING | warmer and dryer climates are much more predictable if you pick the right season.

2) HAVE A PLAN B | ok so you’ve done all you can to get your dream outdoor wedding but unfortunately you aren’t god (and neither is your wedding planner), so ensure you’ve got access to a second site with shelter should you need it.

3) THINK ABOUT ACCESS POINTS | your suppliers need to be able to get to your chosen location so if access is limited you need to warn them in advance.

4) CHOOSE YOUR SUPPLIERS CAREFULLY | consider wedding suppliers that are experienced in outdoor weddings. That way they are more prepared to deal with any last minute hitches.

5) BE SHOE SAVVY | and think about your guests as well. The last thing you want is for your heels to be slipping through the grass | sand | mud whilst trying to say your vows.

P – PANTONE COLOURS – Choosing your colour scheme can be a real challenge. You’re probably looking through your Pinterest board seeing all the colours of the rainbow and not quite knowing whether you prefer ‘tangerine’ or ‘orange’ (is there even a difference!?). And on top of that you keep hearing the word Pantone flying about wondering what an Italian bread has to do with your wedding. I can tell you that it needn’t be that daunting.

First of all Pantone isn’t a type of bread at all – it’s actually a colour matching system. If you have a WEdding Stylist they will work with you to discover the right colours for your theme and they would then use these Pantone references to create your colour palette. If you aren’t using a stylist then it’s entirely possible to create a beautiful colour scheme that reflects your style.

Start by taking inspiration from your venue and the look and feel you would like to achieve on your day. Choose 2 – 4 colours and shades and apply these throughout your whole wedding right the way from decor to flowers, to stationary. This will give a cohesive flow and allow your vision to shine through every last detail.

I’d love to hear from you if you have a particular topic you’s like me to talk about – drop me a line here and I’ll follow up.

In the meantime look out for my next post where I’ll be talking Save the Dates, RSVP’s and offering some other great planning tips!

Alana xx