Thank you for joining me again this week for more wedding planning tips. This week we are going through the letters Q-U. Read on for loads of planning tips.

Q – QUIET TIME – You’ve spent so much of your time building up to your weddIng day and it’s finally here. The feelings are so intense and you are probably overwhelmed with emotion. Months and months of planning and your day can flash by with a blink of an eye.

And this is exactly the comment I hear time and time again from almost every couple I speak to. So making lasting memories is what counts.

I would always advise couples to take 20 minutes away from everything that’s going on on their wedding day to really take in their surroundings. And of course to get some precious time with your new wife/hubby.
Me and my husband hid behind some bushes after our photographys and before our wedding breakfast. We secretly watched our friends and family laughing, chatting, drinking and generally enjoying themselves. For me it was the most precious memory of the day and it will stay with me forever.

So find that ideal moment and grab it with both hands because you won’t ever get that opportunity again. “MAKE IT COUNT”

R – RSVP – RSVP’s were the only thing that turned me into a bit of a bridezilla. So many times I heard the words ‘But you know I’m coming….’. And inside I was screaming ‘Do you actually realise how difficult it is to co-ordinate 120 people and their dietary requirements?!!!’ On the outside however I smiled and politely explained to my guests how much I’d appreciate it if they were able to respond officially.

To save you from having a mini meltdown each time you have to chase for a response here are my top 3 tips:

1) USE TECHNOLOGY – If you can provide an email address to respond to or an RSVP website, guests can respond immediately rather than putting it on their to do list and forgetting about it.

2) PROVIDE A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE – If you are keen to have paper responses or are accommodating guests who are less experienced with technology a SAE makes it much easier for them to respond.

3) BE CLEAR WITH DEADLINES – Make it obvious when you expect to receive responses by and for those that are yet to respond, send a polite email to follow up a week before.

So whatever your ‘Bridezilla’ thing is, it’s ok. Just remember, even those of us with a calm and in control persona can sometimes let the smallest of things tip you over the edge.

S – SAVE THE DATE – Have you been wondering whether to send save the dates to your evening guests? Should you be specific about who you are inviting? And how early is too early to send them out? Such a basic wedding task can come with so many questions.

In answer to the first question,  save the dates should be reserved for full day attendees only. Imagine that awkward conversation when your evening guests start talking about how excited they are to be seeing you get married and you have to tell them their invitation is only for the evening. My bet would be that you end up wimping out and before you know it your day time guest list has just increased by 25 (and your budget has taken an unexpected dent)!

For no 2, you don’t have to personalise your save the dates however if you want to avoid guest list creep then I’d advise you be clear on whether it’s guest + 1 or not (unless of course you are happy for your second cousin showing up with her new boyfriend).

For the final question, there are no hard rules about when to send your save the dates out. Just remember two things; 1 Be sure you have your venue fully confirmed and are certain on your numbers before you start sharing details, 2 Don’t send them out so early that they are tossed to one side never to surface again. That kind of defeats the purpose of sending them in the first place.

T – TIMELINES – Having a timeline for your wedding day doesn’t mean you are going to be ushered here and there all day, nor does it mean you have to stick to a minute by minute plan. But it does allow you to really think about all of the elements of your day and how they will fit together.

If you have a Wedding Planner or On the Day Coordinator they will prepare this for you and it will be pretty detailed (we love the detail). But if you have decided to manage everything yourselves then here’s my top tips for preparing for a seamlessly timed day.

1) START YOUR TIMELINE EARLY – Before you book anything make sure you have a high level timeline so you know how much you have to include in your day.

2) DON’T PANIC BOOK – If your venue or church don’t have the times you want, consider your options before booking. It’s easy to rush into booking somewhere because you want it so badly but if your day is going to be affected because of it you may not enjoy yourselves as much.

3) ALWAYS ADD CONTINGENCY – No matter how sure you are that you’ve given yourself enough time you will probably still overrun! Add contingency to the activities where timelines aren’t set in stone (such as your cocktail hour) so you can adapt accordingly on the day.

So there are some of the things you can do to help ensure you have the best day ever. And if you want some super organised, friendly help to take the pressures off then get in contact and see how we can help. Link in bio.

U – UNIQUE – Have a quick count of how many weddings you’ve been to in the past year. I bet yours isn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last. So making your day unique will mean your guests really do mean it when they say they had the best day ever!

Now unique doesn’t have to mean crazy wild, or abstract you can simple use little details to make a difference, and whilst you are all consumed by the emotion of the day I can promise you your guests WILL be noticing those little touches.

First of all (and the most important thing) is making your day personal to you. The key is to make it noticeable but keep it subtle. You can add your personal touches to almost anything so don’t feel like you are restricted to table names and colour schemes!

The second point is about making your day personal to your guests too. Yes your day is absolutely all about you two but your guests will seriously appreciate it if they feel like they have been a part of it rather than just being the ‘audience’. Why not get a photograph of all of your guests before the wedding and have caricatures made for example. You can use these as your tablescape so guests have to find where they were sitting by guessing which caricature is theirs.

There are so many ways to get creative and be unique – far to many to list here. Take inspiration from other weddings you’ve been to or hire the help of a Wedding Stylist who will work with you to create a style that is perfectly aligned to your aspirations.

The next post will be the final in the series of the wedding A to Z and we are left with some pretty difficult letters to fill. Can you guess what we are going to be talking about………? Why not join the A&S community here and you’ll get notifications each time a post is published. Watch out for the next post – I’m going to have to get creative!

Alana xx